BEC Photography
Some Ideas on What to Wear

I am always up for a very relaxed look.  For an outdoor or on-location shoot, solid colors look great.  Neutrals and darks work better than bright white.  You might want to wear a trendy, modern outfit, or simply something that reflects your personality.  Not everyone in an image needs to "match", but you will want to coordinate. Try not to wear clothing with too many patterns especially stripes.  Another idea is to  wear things that have a special meaning to you and that make you feel beautiful.

Children, tweens, and teenagers can wear bright and fun clothing or bring items that shows their current interests, likes or activities they enjoy. 

For maternity sessions, fitted tops are great to show your baby curves. 

You can bring several changes of clothes so you have a variety of looks in your pictures. 

Have fun and be you ;)