BEC Photography

The nitty gritty of Rebeca

I fell in love with photography with the birth of my first born.  Loving a little person so much and wanting to cherish every single moment and every toothless smile moved us to make an investment in a nice camera.  Since then I have been addicted to learning how to improve my photography.  I love capturing pictures that show the beauty and grace of our Creator and His wonderful work of art.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.  To learn more about Rebeca click here.

The BEC Team

Tim and I met in college.  We were just friends for two years.  Dated for eight months.  We were engaged for about a year.  And now have been married for six years.  We have been taking pictures like crazy for five years.  Some of our favorite pictures are taken at summer camp but our very favorites are of our children.  To learn more about Tim click here.